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  1. great writing!
    welcome to the Dark Side
    – Tiffany

  2. See now I can properly stalk you! I am still laughing about the Douche Canoe. And it has been hours! I guess its true what they say about simple minds. lol

    ~ Autumn

  3. I’ve been laughing my ass off…you slay me!

  4. I must admit I have been stalking you-and you are not my first.I live in a lame town full of lame-os but thanks to “the web” I now see there are many interesting people all over-not here however.Great blogs, I actually laugh out loud.

    • Hello, Misty! Well, I’ve never been one to turn away a stalker. Thank you for commenting and subscribing! I like knowing that I’m not rambling on to no one. How did you find me, by the way?

  5. I was excited when I saw on LJ you’d be doing blogathon, because I’m bored lately and knew it would be interesting. Unfortunately I had to see Henry in pigtails, and as I almost closed to the page I saw you mention Degrassi, and then I knew I had to comment because we’re apparently soulmates.

    I hadn’t watched Degrassi in years until tonight, and saw that principal episode twice. What a douchebag.

    Also, steroids as cure for gay equals brilliant.

    Good luck getting through the rest of this!

    • Thank you for commenting, Kayci! It’s always nice to see a familiar name over here. :)

      Yes, I don’t suggest that Henry make a habit of wearing pigtails. It was shudder-provoking.

      I hadn’t watched Degrassi in a long time, up until last month. The N is constantly showing marathons and one night I put it on and acted mock-interested just to annoy Henry but then I could feel myself getting hooked again. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of season 2 and 3 and it seems like The N only goes back as far as 4. And downloading the episodes would be like a crackhead admitting her addiction.


  6. Hey girl! Now you can make my works days fun again!

    • Yay! It hasn’t been the same without you, I won’t lie!

      Unfortunately, something happened with the email notifications when I upgraded WordPress, and now no one gets notified when I update. It’s annoying!

  7. You’re awesome ❤

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