Jan 202012

Yo! This almost never happens, but the lovely Manda tagged me today in a Friday Link Love thingie. I almost feel like a part of the blogging community!

So now I will reciprocate by showing off 5 blogs, aside from Manda, that I read and love, in no particular order.

Makeup Zombie : not only does she post swatches of the hottest indie makeup companies (as does Manda!), she also inspires me with all her Looks of the Day posts (again, so does Manda!) (And they both have hot hair.)

Mrs.Evils : Dude, it’s Andrea and she’s awesome. She loves Lil Wayne, music boxes, and things that are whimsical. She is an avid zombie fan, a Goth Mary Poppins, and she makes her own eye shadow! Go tell her to post more!

Brandy Flash Master Zen : Seriously one of the only gems I found from The Blog Frog (eg., lamest blog community ever). Brandy’s blog is like a buffet of bloggable topics, from DIY projects, thrift store finds, and funny posts about her trials and tribulations in Salt Lake City with her cute and funny husband, Tyrone, and dog-son, Frederick. I love her!

Danielle (of Yeah, I Said It) : I can’t remember how I found Danielle but I’m glad I did. Her posts are funny without trying. She is a wonderful writer and knows how to weave a story without losing her audience. I can’t recommend her enough!

Anika Toro : I am forever getting inspiration from Anika’s blog. She posts some of the most breathtaking photos and you’d be hardpressed to guess that she takes them with her iPhone. I alway learn new tricks from her blog, and I even one of her prints, which is beautiful. She’s a sweetheart!

Go give them some lovin’!

In other news, I think I’m losing my eyesight. I have all this pressure and it just feels weird and I’m having a hard time focusing, especially at work, which is why I haven’t been doing much on here this week. (No excuse for all the other times I do fuck all on the blog.)

I have an eye appointment on Monday so hopefully I can go back to doing nothing on my blog, but with improved eye sight.

Other than that, it’s been all “Friends” reruns. That’s how Henry & I spend quality time together now, because he apparently has just discovered that it’s funny.

  4 Responses to “5 Blogz I Luv: I WAS TAGGED!”

  1. What??!!! I am honored to be included even with all of my typos and uninteresting posts. You were too generous but I thank you very much. I love that you called Fred my dog-son. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that one already. That’s why you’re a genius and I am not.

    Thanks dude! I’ll be playing along shortly.

  2. Awww, I too am honored that you recommend my little hole in the wall blog, the one that stays tiny because I am too paranoid to let the search engines know it exists. My blog is like those Mom and Pop stores that are all, “We will never sell! Down with conglomerates and megamarts and coupons! We shant stoop to their tactics!” And then they go out of business because everyone loves cheap shit.

    Your blog is one of my top 3 faves of all time. And for the sake of continuity, I’ll pretend that it’s for 3 reasons:

    1. You make fun of your husband a lot.
    2. You say “shit” and “fuck” and whatnot.
    3. I love the crazy way you think. It’s as close as you can get to crazy without actually having crazy papers.

    (No offense.)
    (Not that you should be offended that I mentioned mental illness, because some of the best people on the planet are mentally ill….)
    (But maybe you’re not offended and I’m just being paranoid.)
    (Because as you know, I do struggle a wee bit with paranoia.)
    (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    • P.S. I called Henry your husband. Is he gonna kick my ass?

    • This might be the best comment of all time! I had no idea you liked my blog and I am super tickled about that because yours is so fantastic.

      It’s weird that you mentioned paranoia because just last night I was the movies and before it started, all I could think about was how I just knew for sure someone was going to come in and start shooting, or the man behind me was going to randomly swing a hatchet into my head. It’s terrible! I think if it weren’t for Henry and our kid, I would probably have let the paranoia turn me into a hermit by now.


      (P.S. I like you because of your craziness!)

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