Sep 272012


This morning’s Walking Challenge travels took me to the abandoned Bradley School near my house in Brookline. I think it used to be a school for the deaf or blind. In any case, it is now defunct and creepy as shit. Looks like I found my next photo shoot location.


Get ready, Chooch.





I kept expecting a face to appear in this window…


…and for someone to push my face in this glass.


Here’s Henry’s new house.


On my way back home, some middle-aged creep in red pants stopped me, pointed to a house and asked, “Does Mike Vallatti live there?”

I gave him my usual canned response of “I don’t know” and then turned around just in time to walk into a telephone pole. Then I came to work and ate cake and a moldy raspberry.

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  1. That swingset is creepy as hell. And you know it’s going to be a good building if there are warnings painted on the door. Total win for photoshoots!

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