Oct 102012


I’m so happy that the Glenn Dispenser (as dubbed by A-Ron) is a hit! (Above is a close-up of the clown head’s mouth, where all the fun is.) It makes me laugh to hear my work friends asking each other, “Which Glenn did you get??” And when Lee found out George got the coveted Juggalo Glenn, he whined, “George always gets the good Glenns!”



I added a bunch more Glenns to the mix today, including Rainbow Brite Glenn, Swoop-era Bieber Glenn, Furry Glenn, and “Carrie” Glenn.

Today, Glenn’s prize capsule contained a fortune. “Wow. How deep,” he mumbled after reading it, but really I think he was disappointed that he didn’t get a Himself.

  3 Responses to “Collect all of the Glenns”

  1. Hahaha I think Rainbow Brite Glenn is my favorite.

  2. Furry Glenn for the win

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