Nov 092012


They moved me away from Barb, you guys. :( Yes, it’s kind of cool that I have an office-thing now, but I’m so far away from Barb! And I actually have to do work now! Oh, if only you could hear my whines.

When I told Chooch that I was being moved away from Barb, he said, “Oh, because you guys talk too much?”

Well, there’s that too.


Don’t worry, all of my Jonny pictures followed me here, although I did leave one for Barb. I might start sending her random Jonnies through interoffice mail.

A-ron apparently wasn’t kept abreast of the departmental moves and was shocked when he walked by my old turf and saw my empty desk. He asked Barb what was going on, so naturally she told him that I quit, which is incredibly apropos given our last conversation about me being stressed out here. He came to see me later and said, “I mean, I was shocked, but only because I thought you would at least last a month.”

Oh, ha ha.


My new digs are right around the corner from Glenn. He said I was “lowering the property value” and then threw a ball of refuse at me when he walked by earlier today. I forgot to bring over my garbage can from my old desk, so I just let it sit on the floor for about two hours, thinking he would come back and pick it up.

Apparently, stress makes me naive too.

But you know, things are going alright. I haven’t cried here since Wednesday. I think mostly because I’m half-numb. And now when the support line rings, I just feel disgust instead of panic. So basically, I’m right on track.


And when I was cleaning out my old desk drawers, I found the voodoo Santas that Andrea and I made last year! So that’s a bright spot in the week, for sure.

My fucking 6-year-old handles change better than I do.

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  1. That’s a pretty large space. You better start thinking of Halloween decor ideas for next year. Good luck with it! You’ll make it. If not, come to Utah and start over. :)

  2. Swanky!

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