Dec 172008

Hello. It took me TWO HOURS to copy and paste that last fucking post.

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Apparently, I’m not allowed to edit it, but I should just be thankful that WordPress allowed  me to publish it AT ALL considering it completely devoured my last attempt, which was actually formatted correctly, and left no evidence that it was ever posted.

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So I apologize for the pisspoor, hard to read formatting, and I apologize to my subscribers for basically getting spammed by me today.

I’m really fucking over this whole blog thing, motherfuck.

I need to go jab myself with something sharp.

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EDIT: I love u Henry. Marry me.

  3 Responses to “FUCK*&^*(%^*&$%&”

  1. Well, I still read it and it was GOOD. Please don’t be over the whole blog thing, motherfuck.

  2. awl. i’m glad it got fixed.

    good ole’ henry! i’m waiting for his answer to your edit!!

    • the majority of the time, i just want to go back to writing in a notebook, like old times. fuck this blog shit, livejournal or otherwise. hasn’t eight years of it been enough anyway??

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