Jan 302011

Three years ago, I was on my way home from Cincinnati for the last time, when this song came on in my car. It was on a mix CD I had made months earlier, but never listened to until then. I just remember having my breath ripped right out from me, and replaying the song immediately after it ended, then scouring the CD for more Dance Gavin Dance tracks. I bought both of their albums post haste and it became pretty much all I listened to for months; their lyrics inspired paintings and stories and certain songs on repeat coaxed me down from the ledges upon which life and broken hearts had precariously placed me. Their music simultaneously made me want to love and rage while throwing my body up against walls.

If you’ve received a mix CD from me anytime since 2008, chances are there is at least one Dance Gavin Dance track on there.

Unfortunately, my discovery happened right after the band kicked out their singer, Jonny Craig, so while I’ve gotten to see them twice over the years with Jonny’s replacement, I never really got to have the DGD experience I craved.

I was in the car last August when Alternative Press sent out a tweet announcing that Jonny Craig was going to reprise his role in Dance Gavin Dance. Even though I don’t harbor the best opinions of Jonny, with whom I’ve had a couple unsavory encounters at his other band Emarosa’s shows, my love for his work with Dance Gavin Dance is great enough for me to snuff out the flame of hate that burns for him in my stomach’s pit and just appreciate the music as the entree instead of a side dish to Jonny’s steaming bowl of douche-peppered arrogance.

So as the news sunk in, I cried. Legitimate tears of OMG Fangirl Hysteria streaked my face as I realized I might have the chance to see one  of my favorite  bands with their original lineup, and for this thirty-one-year-old scene girl, that’s better than a trip to the beach. Better than winning a new car. Better than having whatever asshole you’re rooting for become the next American Idol. Better than anything most women my age should be getting all worked up about. And I am grateful for that.

I bought tickets for their Pittsburgh show in March and have been so happy about it all weekend. Henry can’t wait.

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  1. One of my favorite songs!

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