Jan 112008

Remember how I took that baker’s picture the other day? After Kara read my entry about that, she emailed me and said that she used to be friends with a baker at that same Kribel’s and he went crazy and started threatening her and her friends and then she included a MySpace profile and asked, "Is this the guy?" And of course it was. It’s like my body has a GPS for Crazyland. He has a picture of a tree in his MySpace photos and the caption says, "Painted this while in the hospital." I couldn’t help but imagine a very Dream Team-esque scene with hospital gowned schizos enjoying craft hour. I wish my friend Allison would commit herself again so I could visit and paint trees with the patients. Also in Kara’s email, she said she wanted me to pick out some of my paintings for her to buy, and I almost suggested that she see if Crazy Baker’s pretty tree was up for grabs, but I didn’t want to lose a sale. Naturally, there’s that sadistic part of me that really wants to flirt with this situation, but since he did something directly to Kara, I’ll take the Good Friend exit and leave it alone. If it had been Janna though, I wouldn’t care. Good thing Kara told me before I wound up inviting him to game night.