Jul 212010

One of the best things about being a member (it took me four tries to spell ‘member,’ I hate myself today) of Etsy’s Dark Side is the birthday swap that goes on there. I had forgotten that I had signed up for it until Monday, when I came home to a package that Henry had propped on the fireplace mantle, (sort of) out of Chooch’s reach.

“Oh shit, birthday swap!” I yelled, after remembering that my birthday is July 30 and that I haven’t sent away for any complimentary Bibles lately.

It was a gift from the undeniably awesome Canadian Meeshah!

Knowing that I love horror movies, she painted me this:

I fucking love it! Of course Chooch thinks it’s his and we’ve been fighting over it like hateful siblings ever since.

She also included a skull necklace, which I wanted to wear to work yesterday but Henry was being an asshole and wouldn’t put it on for me. THIS is why we’re not married, you guys. Just this. Not my infidelities, oh no.

So far this birthday has the promise of being way better than last year’s disaster. Thank you, Meeshah and Etsy’s Dark Side for making this ol’ sack of emo potatoes feel loved.