Apr 192015

I haven’t done a Frown of the Day in forever, so I thought I’d start a new series.    

The “There’s Some Jackass Behind Me On the Trolley” selfie. 


The “He’s Still There” selfie. 


The “Henry’s Not Back There Because We Beat Him Home But We Don’t Have a House Key So Now We’re Waiting For Him In the Wind” selfie. 


The “Henry’s Getting Gas So We Can Get Ice Cream” selfie. 


The “Goldilocks Is Having Ice Cream Ordering Remorse, Much To Henry’s Delight” selfie. (srsly, that did NOT taste like red velvet soft serve & the lady at Sugar & Spice swore that it was too melty to put my beloved crunchies on it, WHICH WAS THE WHOLE REASON I CHOSE SOFT SERVE OVER HARD ICE CREAM IN THE FIRST PLACE!)


The “Henry Sounds Like He’s Having Oral Sex Every Time He Eats Oranges & He Knows It Annoys Me So Now He Exaggerates It” selfie.

GUYS I HAVE TO GO. Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings” just came on my bedroom radio and I have to go slow dance with myself. 

(That is not an euphemism.)

EDIT: And then Whitesnake’s “Is This Love” right after?! Wow, what a fucking treat from the local variety radio station. 

  6 Responses to “Henry Bombs”

  1. Question re: oranges. Does he sound like he’s giving or receiving? I don’t know why this is important, it just seems like it is.

  2. Casey ^^ has a valid question. I always love your selfies. You crack me up!

    Listening to Set It Off right now, btw. I’m having a love/hate thing with their music. Some rocks, some is… meh.

    • Yeah, most of their stuff sounds like every other band in that genre, but the live stuff I was watching on YouTube is what won me over. I’m interested in checking them out at Warped Tour this year to confirm.

  3. YES! The gas station selfie! Because Henry’s all looming in the background and EXCUSE ME, where is his hair? He can’t be in my band any more, WTF.

    Please take more selfies in this series so I can have some more Tolhursts at work. I am so mad at Henry forever.

    • I told Henry you’re mad at him and he got all concerned and barked, “FOR WHAT?!” So I told him and he scoffed, “Hmph, I don’t know about THAT. maybe I could be a ROADIE.”

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