About Oh Honestly Erin


Hi. It’s me! Some broad born in 1979, just barely managed to eke my way into GEN X, aka the best gen. My home base is Pittsburgh and it’s OK. (Mostly.)

Now that you can shove a pushpin into my hometown on a map, let’s get even more personal: I’ve been with my not-husband Henry since 2001 and we have a son named Chooch (rhymes with ‘butch’). His real name is Riley but we have been calling him Chooch out loud since he was born because we’re obviously trying to fuck up his life. We’re just an average middle class family. Maybe even lower middle class, I don’t know how that stuff works. My life is not perfect, so believe me, this blog is certainly not going to be glitter-screened. If I’m having a bad day, you’re going to know it. (And I have lots of bad days but that’s mostly Henry’s fault.)

I work at A Law Firm.

I’ve been “blogging” since 2001. I started on LiveJournal! I miss LJ sometimes. Mostly because people used to actually read my writing back then!

Shit I Like:

  • cemeteries
  • k-pop (since way before America ruined BTS!)
  • road trips
  • roller coasters
  • finding non-pretentious vegan places to eat without feeling judged for not rolling up on my basketed vintage bicycle
  • horror stuffs
  • haunted houses

If you have non-math-related questions, I can be reached at ropesandrafters@me.com.

Peace out, Girl Scout.



  6 Responses to “About Oh Honestly Erin”

  1. Best “About” page ever. (I almost typed “evah” and immediately realized that spelling it that way is the most annoying fucking thing evah. Oh SHIT.)

  2. I am thinking about asking you to guest blog on my page, if only because it needs a fresher voice than my own dulcet tones. But given my audience of dozens ( on a good day) not sure that would interest you all that much.

  3. Goddamnit I lost your blog for ages and I can’t find any envelopes with your address but somehow I found your blog again. I just watched Train to Busan and cried my effing face off and then also it made me think of you in that weird roundabout way of going hey why haven’t I read her stuff/talked with her in ages? +vodka = overcome social anxiety on internet!

    • Heeeyyy! There’s a name that makes me happy to see! How are you?? It’s crazy how much cut off you become from the world when you leave Facebook – it’s great having no drama but I do miss you! Train to Busan is a great movie. We actually were on a train to Busan once and I kept thinking about it!

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