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Lately, I have been feeling 진짜 inspired to add new designs to my Kpop card shop. I am such a bad Etsyer but I don’t always have the time or energy that I need to devote to my shops. (Somehow I recently surpassed the “50 Sales” milestone for Hello Hanguk without doing much promoting at all! #blessed) But then my secret weapon known as MANIA kicks in and I get on a roll. The last several days, I’ve been staying up way too late making these because I’m determined to get at least one set of mini Valentines done before the end of 2018 instead of, you know, three weeks before Valentine’s Day like I did last year. I AM SO GOOD AT THIS!

For example: I spent two days KCON in June and passed out ONE BUSINESS CARD and by “passed out” I mean that my kid tossed one on a retaining wall outside of the Prudential Center.

Anyway, I made some new Valentines for the upcoming third set I’m working on (please see set #1 and set #2 here!) and also some designs for a note card set. I’m such a huge advocate of note card sets because it’s always nice to send a friend a card for no reason.


We all get caught up in life and I know for sure that I can be bad at keeping up with friendships. Wouldn’t it be nice to send this to someone in the actual mail instead of sending a sterile text? If I ever make any local Kpop friends, I’m going to send them this card. TRY AND STOP ME.

This is a play on (G)i-dle’s song “Latata.” I wanted to make a card with them on it because I’ve really been into them lately, but I couldn’t think of anything good and then this hit me late last night. I woke up Henry to show him and he tried to mask a smile with a frown, so that’s how I know it’s a pretty good one.

Guys, you’re about to get some Kpop tea: This card is bittersweet because today it was just confirmed that E’Dawn (along with Yan An) is taking an indefinite hiatus from Pentagon due to “unspecified reasons” which everyone knows means he’s being punished for having the audacity to be in a relationship with Hyuna! I’m really upset and frustrated over this not just because E’Dawn is my favorite in Pentagon, but because it’s just so…just so…UNJUST. I hope that this blows over and he comes back.

And here’s all of Pentagon with a line from their fantastic song Shine. This will be part of the Valentine set but it could also be used as an everyday reminded that, “Hey, friend, you’re pretty effing boss, ain’t nobody like you.” We all need those reminders that we’re unique individuals.

And while we’re on the Pentagon topic…here is a Hui / Third Wheel card. Hui and E’Dawn have a side project with Hyuna called Triple H and when it was announced that E’Dawn and Hyuna are dating, the third wheel memes came out strong.

When Henry and I first got together, I was friends with this girl who was ALWAYS HANGING AROUND. One day, my friend Brian said to Henry, “Didn’t anyone tell you that when you date Erin, you date Christine Haney too?” And Henry laughed because he didn’t yet know that IT WAS TRUE. Anyway, I have a feeling that Hui is not the psycho brand of third wheel though and that Triple H can bounce back and continue to make super retro music. Sigh.

Love Scenario” is such a sweet jam, and now you can use it to tell someone how much they mean to you. Why save this just for Valentine’s Day – give it to your kpop-loving partner on just a regular old Tuesday to let them know you’re thinking of them!

Hopefully you don’t need to send a follow-up “Killing Me” card!

Not many people make a better brooding face than T.O.P. from BIGBANG, sigh. Anyway, let your BFF, partner, spouse, mom, barber, grocery store bagger know that they’re at the top of your list. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or any old calendar day to make someone you love smile.

I mean, unless they’re not into Kpop. Then they’ll probably think this card is missing a word.

(I’ve been making cards since 2009 and have yet to make any with missing words, but there is always tomorrow.)

For the person you have more than just a 4Minute crush on.

Seriously though, who else misses this group?! (Fun fact about me: Hot Issue was the first Kpop song I ever bought from iTunes and it was my alarm song for nearly a year!)

Shameless KpopX Fitness shoutout:

Life offers us so many opportunities to say sorry (sorry sorry sorry) and sometimes apologizing to someone is so much easier in writing! This Super Junior “Sorry Sorry” card is the perfect vehicle to carry your atonement. Or maybe you just simply want to say “Sorry you didn’t get BTS tickets” or “Sorry your plant died.”

The premise for this card design has been in my head for months and months and I’m so relieved I finally made time to get this one done! It was another “Wake up Henry to show him” card and he was not thrilled.

I had a slew of really dramatic, terrible birthdays when I was younger. Turns out, the common denominator was that I was just hanging out with some crappy people and also, I didn’t have KPOP in my life yet! This Monsta X birthday card is perfect to show anyone in your monbebe tribe that your wish is for them to have a smooth-sailing birthday, no drama, no stress. And if they’re anything like me, they won’t be able to help but sing-read this card out loud when they see it!

Honestly, listen to this song and then tell me it’s not all you hear when you look at this card!)

Remember back in the day when Aaliyah coined the old adage that “Age ain’t nuthin’ but a numba”? It’s true. And I think any BTS stan will stay forever young as long as they’ve got kpop in their hearts. So give this card to your friends who might be less than stoked about their next birthday (my next birthday will be the big 4-0 you guys, help) because the charming visages of those bangtan beauts is enough to distract any of us from the cold hard reality of growing older.

The inside says “even though it’s your birthday” and it comes with an envelope so you can slide in some anti-aging beauty samples if you really want to make ’em feel great.


It’s no secret that I am obsessed with Hyolyn. I would go as far as to say she’s my ultimate girl kpop bias and she has blessed us with the best summer jams this year! “Tasty sexy hashtag” is a line from her most recent single, Bae, and it was too good not to turn into a card.

This will be part of the upcoming third set of mini Kpop Valentines but I’ll also be listing it as a full-sized single card too.

If you ask me, the cheesier the better when it comes to Valentines! Let Key from SHINee help you tell someone how you feel! You have the KEY to my heart. Get it? THE KEY? Because his name is…OK yeah you get it.

The inside is blank so this doesn’t have to just be used on Valentine’s Day. And it comes with an envelope, so if you’re tryna take your relationship to the next level, you could put AN ACTUAL key in there, I mean, as long as you trust the person and you have good communication, and—wait, I’m not your mom. Do whatever you want!

It’s always nice to get mail from friends, so next time you’re thinking of giving your favorite Shawol a Ring Ding Dong, send them this cute card instead! It features all five members of SHINee because SHINee will always be five. The bright faces of Onew, Jonghyun, Taemin, Minho, and Key paired with these fun Saved By the Bell-esque colors will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! (UNLESS THEY ARE HEARTLESS JERKS.)

Hello” was my first favorite SHINee song, and I have no shame.

The inside is blank, a wide open field for your ink-flowers to flourish!

(P.S. Do you know how hard it is to not just make Taemin cards all day long? I even briefly considered getting into enamel pin-making because the Taemin/SHINee options are lacking.)

Henry didn’t get this one because he doesn’t care about NCT 127, but this card features member Ten.

Get it? I think you’re a …. Ten?

Because his name is Ten?

Valentines are meant to be like dad jokes times Ten, OK?!

Do you ever think of someone and get so happy that you start doing the jumping pony dance*? Then this card is for you! To give to them! So really, this card is for them!

*(I’m not well-versed in dance language and have no idea what you call that dance they do.)

Momoland never fails to bring a smile to m face, and hopefully this card will do the same to someone you care about.

Well guys, that’s all I got for right now. If you know anyone who likes Kpop, please send them my way. Or better yet, buy a card from Hello Hanguk for them!

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