Mar 072008

Bob likes to peruse Yahoo! Answers here at work. He just sent me this one and we’re suffocating under a cloak of WTF.

By the time you read this I`ll be in Trouble Please Help?

Read fast::: my girl friend runs around the house with just a T shirt on nothing else and sits everywhere .i ask if it`s clean and washed ? .Now when i tell her where to sit she`s just you know what?even when i shave and wash my face she`s you know ? can you give me any idea`s here she comes?

Is he afraid she’s coating the couch with venereal disease? And then the rest is just….huh? Please help him I’m worried!

Edit to make public my new favorite:

I’m not really sure my doctor is really a doctor?

He comes in swinging his heart listener thingy, and mumbles a lot of answers before prescribing medicine, and then in the middle of telling me what I had, he told me the "rap game is hijacked", which I do not even know what that means. How can I tell if he is a real doctor? When I asked for his diploma, he saidi "I’m not into hangin’ that **** up"


  9 Responses to “SRS Q’s”

  1. See, maybe he’s not talking about her hoohoo and he’s actually worried about her ass hole. Maybe she’s touching everything with it. Maybe on purpose.

    Second one? Just NO.

  2. I’m assuming this guy keeps his own lower region permanently encased in some sort of protective sealant. His girlfriend is one lucky lady.

    I have to be honest – if my husband ever told me where to sit my naked bum, I would be putting my you know what? in every you know where? I could think of ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

    I’m very curious about where shaving and washing his face fits in…

  3. Dr. Dre?

  4. Not to rain on your parade but I know for a fact that a huge percentage of that site is fakeposting.

  5. I always thought everything I read on the internet was Truth. Thank you for learning us, Lead Balloon.

  6. OMG!!!
    thx 2 lead balloon b/c i thought this stuff was 4 realz!!!

    you mean u wasn’t posting this 2 get help 4 these peeps!?

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