Apr 052020

If you’re like me and stuck in an awkward mandatory work-from-home order, then you might be struggling to not succumb to 8 hours of remaining planted in your seat. When I work in the office, I get up usually once an hour: to get coffee, go to the bathroom, visit a coworker on another side of the department, just do an absent-minded lap to stretch my legs…

But when I work from home, I find that I will get up from my desk MUCH LESS if I don’t think about it. And that makes me feel zapped of energy by the time I log off for the day! So what I try to do is devote 5 minutes every hour to a quick spurt of activity, whether it’s a quick jog in place, or a legit 5-minute fitness video on YouTube. This is also a good distraction from SNACKING. Seriously, if you’re roaming around the kitchen looking for a snack, you might just be bored! Jump into a quick little workout instead—it will keep your calorie count down AND boost your energy.

Thankfully, there are a SLEW of them. Here are some of my go-tos, much to Chooch’s chagrin because it means he has to turn off whatever lame Minecraft video he’s watching. These are great in general for everyone stuck inside during quarantine, especially when the weather’s not cooperating for outdoor walking.

(If none of these do it for you, just search “5 minute workouts” on YouTube – there are so many!)

  1. If you like yoga or Pilates, I highly recommend this channel. It’s not something that you would think I would like, but for some reason, this broad is soothing to me.

2. I LOVE GINA B SO MUCH! Especially when she starts singing whatever song is playing and then quickly apologizes and I always scream, “NEVER STOP SINGING, GINA B.!!” Her whole channel is wonderful if you’re looking for fun supplemental cardio workouts with great soundtracks.

She just uploaded a 20 minute Michael Jackson dance-walk workout, and she also has other themed ones, like 60s, disco, 80s, 90s, Shakira, ABBA.

I love her.

3. Jessica Smith is one of my faves because her dog Peanut is almost in the videos. She has all sorts of workouts on her channel so if you’re looking for barre, kickboxing, or just longer cardio/walking workouts, check her out!

4. AllBlanc needs no explanation, lol.

5. Want to focus on abs? This one is so good!

6. Counteract all that sitting with a good lower body burn!

7. Gotta include my girl Leslie Sansone, haha:

8. Maybe you’re just looking for some nice, good ol’ stretching. Well, my girl Denise Austin is here for you. I was obsessed with D.Aus back in 1991-1992 when my grandma implied that I was going to ruin my aunt’s upcoming wedding because I was a fat 11-year-old, but then I found Denise Austin’s workout videos on TV and she (and Bodies in Motion, and Slim Fast, and a mild dabble in anorexia) really changed my life.

Lol. Ah, no wonder I’m still so weight-obsessed.

9. Don’t forget your butt! Blogilates has a ton of 5-minute workouts but don’t let the time length fool you – they can be really challenging!


OK guys, I’ll leave you with these fun starting points. Let’s stay active and combat pandemic-depression!

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