Nov 092007

Henry called. He’s on his way home. Oh my god, please hurry.
I talked to Christina and she said I sounded like I have been stranded in the desert for the past three days with no water. It’s a wonder I’ve managed to dress myself these past few days (OK fine, he’s only really been gone for one full day). Christina said if Henry ever left me, I’d turn into the mom from that Spill Canvas song “The Tide,” in which the mom’s true love leaves her and she quits giving a shit about anything and stops paying attention to her kids and they’re swept away by the tide. I sighed and murmured, “I know, that’s a good comparison” and she yelled, “OH MY GOD stop talking like you’re dying!

In more uplifting news, I received my Pacman arm warmers in the mail and not only do they keep me toasty (cold office air be damned), but they’re fucking awesome too. Go get your own, she has a varied selection. Tell her Somnambulant sent ya.

A Nox Arcana song came on my Zen last night at work. It was an interlude with a child chanting “Satan come for me tonight, comfort me till morning light” and I swear ice cicles sprung off my spine.

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Then Mandy Moore came on and I LOL’d.

Nothing tempers a chilling gothic chant quite like some Mandy Moore-brand bubble gum pop.

Oh my god I’m so sad. Fuck you, Faygo.

Say it don't spray it.

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