Oct 262012


 Glenn Close Glenn (Henry didn’t get this one!), Chef BoyarG, Luau Glenn, Glenn in the Hat, Miami Vice Glenn, Glenn Danzig Glenn.


 Elton John Glenn, Glenn of the Corn, Darth Glenn, Gary Bettman Glenn (NHL Commisioner, FYI), Jigsaw Glenn, Pulp Fiction Overdose Glenn.


 Devo Glenn, Einstein Glenn, Sea Monkey Glenn, Batman Glenn, Bill Cosby Glenn (with Puddin’ Pop and Jello!), Captain Ahab Glenn.


 Damsel in Distress Glenn!




Also new for this week was Candy the Clown’s stomach contents, which was a big fail.

I had Henry make a big batch of slime, and then I added paper clips.

Because that is what Glenn the Clown made Candy choke on, you see. Paper clips. Someday I will explain the paper clip obsession.


  5 Responses to “Friday Night Glenn Gala”

  1. damsel in distress glenn is superior

  2. You missed “Uff da Glen!”
    You’re probably familiar with Uff Da. It’s a Scandinavian phrase used when you trip over your own feet (oof-da) or someone leaves their nose hairs in the bathroom sink. My friend always says Uff Da Glen! Don’t ask me why.

  3. I’m just realizing you have a thing for paper clips. (Age 53= these things happen= poor memory). Are you aware of the Red Paper Clip story? If not, google Red Paper Clip + Kipling, Sask, to see how a guy started trading “up” from a red paper clip until he ended up trading for a house in smalltown Saskatchewan and moving there.

  4. Sea Monkey Glenn made me laugh so hard!

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