Dec 252007

Here in Pittsburgh, Santa doesn’t smile, preferring instead to emulate the mouthal shape of the child on his lap.

Merry Christmas, yo.

  10 Responses to “So I hear it’s Christmas?”

  1. that santa creeps me out.
    almost as much as the COMIC SANS on the rug under him.
    ew gross ew gross ew gross.

    but chooch is kyoot.
    happy crimmas!

  2. Merry Christmas!
    What corner of this eerie city did you find such a Santa??

  3. Chooch doesn’t look like he minded Santa. What a cool kid! Santa, on the other hand… well he looks a little tired or something.

    I hope you guys had a good day!

    • It was funny, because the photographer was squeaking a toy car, so that’s all Chooch gave a shit about. He’d look at Santa and say, “Car!” while pointing and Santa really looked like he cared. Really.

  4. Man. Henry’s lookin rough.

  5. what a lame santa.

    such a cute kid.

  6. He is so handsome. He looks like a little grown up. Maybe Santa had too much to drink!

    PS. I love Comic Sans. :( lol.

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