Dec 302007


My first attempt at using the Holga. This is Chooch’s boyfriend, Reynold. It’s unfortunate that the empty can of Milwaukee’s Best in his lap isn’t visible.

Downtown, by the Amtrak station.

A church, you know?

Bueno Mexicana’s visiting from Ohio, so we’re about to go and try to get arrested today.

  12 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. that second one is probably one of the coolest pictures i’ve ever seen.

  2. I really really like that second one. It’s very cool.

  3. i liked the 2nd picture 1st.

    just saying.

    • I liked the 2nd one until you did.

    • liar. you (and everyone else) only like it now because you saw that an accomplished professional photographer thought that it was good and now you’re trying to look like you know something about photography.

      whatevs. everyone off my jock, k?

  4. well, I like the 3rd one best….

    (did henry develop these? did you scan them in or are these prints?)

  5. I look forward to the episode of Intervention featuring Reynold.

  6. that second picture…a reflection in water?

  7. I need to get my film developed.

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