Feb 022008

IMG00044 This man and his very stylish jacket walked past me last week when I was taking pictures with my rudimentary pinhole camera. I wished that the jacket had been a dress, I would have said, "Nice frock, cuz."


I’m waiting for the slow Harrison sisters to shower. They’re in from Cincinnati, specifically for game night, because they know that game night is where it be. I think we’re going to get some Ethiopian cuisine for lunch, which is kind of ironic that I’d choose to go somewhere that outlaws utensils after devoting an entire entry to messy food and the many ways I hate it. That’s me: a multi-faceted gem of contradictions.

  5 Responses to “Saturday Time Killer”

  1. Maybe if ethiopian food is really bland and sauceless you’ll be okay. Actually you will be okay because apparently ethiopians don’t do late lunches.

  2. Talk about some snazzy threads!

  3. what’s really cool about that photoG is that he’s WHITE!!!!
    his jacket is almost as cool as that sweater.

    all retarTs are slow.

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