Feb 282008

On the up side, we got a new car today. (No more hitchin’ rides, renting from Enterprise and borrowing cars from family members.


On the down side, keeping Chooch out of trouble in a car dealership for two hours is a pretty good recipe for a sanity split, no matter how many balloons, pretzels and cookies he’s plied with.

  6 Responses to “Good Morning, Vehicular Independence”

  1. Woot for car-havingnessocity!

  2. So what didja get?

  3. Congratulations! Its hard not having a car. Even harder having an unreliable one.

    • You’re not kidding. Our old car was an ’02 Sentra and the past two years it gave us lots of problems. We had been unable to drive it since December and it was really nerve-racking trying to borrow cars, get rides, etc. I work on the busline, but my shift is over at midnight and the buses don’t run that late, so public translation unfortunately wasn’t an option.

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