Dec 132018

I said a few days ago that I was feeling anti-Christmas so I have been trying to casually immerse myself in the season my own way and participating in Secret Santa at work also helped nudge me half-past Scrooge, more toward Stoked.

I’m usually so freaking selfish about everything in life but I LOVE BEING SOMEONE’S SECRET SANTA! I get so much joy out of it.

And then I stumbled across this wonderful, pure video from years and years ago when SHINee and Kara did a Christmas performance together on Music Core and my heart melted like a fucking marshmallow in hot cocoa, you guys, ugh.

Maybe you need some Christmas spirit in your life, or maybe you need a good dose of cute Kpop, or maybe you’re just a chronic YouTuber constantly looking for new videos to click. In any case, here it is!

(Side note: Seungri and Daesung MCing in the beginning gave me even more life!


I think I’ll make it through this Xmas season after all. :)

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