May 222019

Guys, knock on wood, I’ve been having a really great week at work! We have some colleagues visiting from Chicago and I have accidentally grown attached to them and already don’t want them to leave – I’m going to suggest that we keep them and send Glenn back in their place.

So I have some fun work social thingies to slap down on this site for posterity, some trolley tales, a super interesting story about getting other people’s emails…just a whole satchel of potpourri to spill out without all the nice smells.

However, tonight all I have the energy to do is watch Winner videos on YouTube, like this one, which is my favorite from their new album!!

Mola means “I don’t know” in Korean which ironically is one of the few words I know lol.

Aside from G-Dragon’s solo concert, Winner has been my favorite Kpop concert so far. I just like how effortlessly fun and casual they are, it’s not all smoke & mirrors, they don’t need to hide behind elaborate choreography (don’t get me wrong, I love me a good dance move), and Mino has that insane Johnny Depp-in-a-Tim-Burton aesthetic and that alone makes me wonder why you guys aren’t stanning yet?! 나는 몰라요!

Get on that Winner-wagon my blog-reading people. For me, your favorite Erin who is honest!


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