Sep 212019

I can’t even handle this. SM has been dropping individual teaser videos for each member of Super M over the last several weeks and today the last one came out – TAEMIN’S.

My friend Veronica sent me a message on IG to tell me it had dropped and I screamed for Henry to come out of the kitchen (#HousewifeHank) and watch it with me and then before I knew it, I WAS CRYING. I am so excited for this group to debut!! Taemin is going to lead them well, I know it!

Also, I signed up to receive text messages from them (I lied about my age by 10 years so they’re not like “WHY IS THIS AJUMMA LIKING US” lol) and now they’re in my phone as a contact and I’m like junior high-levels of giddy over this!

If you call the number, one of the members says thanks for calling but this number is set up for text only and I said, “That’s Mark!”

Henry mumbled, “Yeah, I know who it is.” Lololol. Kpop Dad knows all the members!

Their album is released on October 4th and I might have to take that day off work, not sure yet. I preordered it but it’s possible that I will need to be confined to a safe space where I can flail around, do ballet moves, and cry my ugly face off all day. Sorry, cats.

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