Mar 272008


What’s your preferred method of stripping the shell from a hard boiled egg? Because I just lost thirty minutes of my very important life, hunched over the garbage can with two dyed Easter eggs squealing under my grip.

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By the time I finished, half of each egg came off with the shell, I have cuts under my nails, and my kitchen looks like a crime scene.

Also, there were tiny specks of shell hiding in my egg salad.


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  1. This is what the internet suggests:

    Crack the shell at each end by firmly tapping the egg onto a hard surface such as a counter. Do one end, and then the other. There is an air bubble in the wide end of the egg; you want to crush this. Place the side of the egg on a counter and roll forward for one revolution with your palm firmly down on the top of the egg. Submerge the egg in a bowl of warm water and slip the entire shell off in less than a second.

    But the internet is basically a pervert’s playground run by nerds, so who knows.

  2. I just tap the bigger end onto the counter or a plate. There’s an air bubble there it should smash pretty nicely. Then I just peel from there. If the shell is sticking to the egg too much, apparently your eggs were too fresh, I read that somewhere. I don’t know if they mean fresh as in, fresh from the hen, or fresh like you didn’t wait long enough after hard boiling them. So maybe the longer they sit after you boil them, the easier it will be.

    I always have the problem on Easter that I put my egg on top of my ham or holobci and it gets wet and the dye runs so I get it all over my fingers. =( This year I remembered that and wiped it off with a napkin first. =P

  3. I just bang different parts on the counter a few times then roll it around under my palm enough to crack the shell but not hard enough to smash the egg.

    Then just rub it all off over the garbage can and wa-la!

  4. I learned this tip from my mom: When you boil the eggs run them under under cold water until they’re cool to touch. This, for some reason, keeps them from sticking to the shell when you peel them. It really does work! The last time I put them straight in the fridge without cooling them first I couldn’t peel them to save my life.

  5. i smash the damn thing against my head- peel it off as best i can, then rinse the tiny pieces off with water.

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