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It’s that time of year, you guys! Blogathon time!

This year, the masterminds behind the official Blogathon have pulled the plug on it, quite unexpectedly and without explanation. Luckily, there are people out there unlike me who are good at rising to the occasion and taking charge. So there will be an alternate Blogathon after all! It will still take place on Saturday, July 31st, starting at 9:00am EST and ending twenty-four hours from then. The goal is to every half hour for the entire twenty four hours, no cheating!

I have done this three times in the past and while it is a BEAST to get through, it’s more fun than anything else, and the end result is so rewarding, even for assholes like me. I always want to be able to donate to charities, to do SOMETHING to make a difference, and annoying the Internet for an entire day is a pretty Erin-perfect way to do so.

This year, I have chosen the Greater New Orleans Foundation Oil Spill Relief Fund. Since there is no official Blogathon site to keep track of sponsors, and to give you guys peace of mind, I have created a fundraising page over at Razoo. This way, you can rest easy knowing that if you sponsor me, the money isn’t going to be put in a Wacky Worm collection pot.

As always, there will be incentives!

  • $10 – you give me a word, any word, and I have to use it in an entry
  • $15 – the aforementioned word to be used in an entry, plus the fan favorite: Have Henry Do Ridiculous Things In Front of the Camera
  • $20 – all of the above, plus I’ll prank call someone for you
  • $30 – all of the above, plus one of my Somnambulant pendants (if you’re a dude, I will just paint something for you if you prefer)
  • anything greater than this, you get it ALL plus I will interview you on my blog. That’s >30 seconds of fame right there!

And remember – if you can’t donate at this time but would still like to help me, please remember to check back here on Saturday July 31st and leave me cheerleading-worthy comments! And tell your friends and family! Or, if you don’t have friends and family, tell your cell mate, parole officer, interpreter.

If you would like to sponsor me, please visit my Razoo fundraising page!

To get a taste of what Blogathon is like ’round these parts, feel free to check out the archive from last year. It’s um, a real treat. For everyone involved. Right, Henry? (For the record, Henry said he’s moving out for Blogathon.)

  14 Responses to “Blogathon 2010!”

  1. Holy crap, that sounds intense…I’m not sure I could do that every 30 minutes, but I will deinitely be cheering you on!

  2. Woot! Some other crazy person that is like me! This will be my second blogathon and I’m excited except for the fact that nothing has been updated on the altblogathon site :/

  3. I’ve got $15. In the spirit of the movie “Heathers” (and in the spirit of reenacting Henry’s discomfort LOL!) I’m going to give you the word ‘eskimo’.

  4. I’m sure we’ll be scraping together some money to support you again this year. I have actually been listening to the CD you sent from last year at work all week.

    • Even if you can’t, it would be so awesome if you popped in every now and then to give me some encouragement/will to live!

      That’s awesome that you’ve been listening to the CD. I tried to make it varied enough so that everyone could take something away from it and I hope you’ve found some gems for yourself!

  5. I was totally looking forward to doing it this year, but Paul said if I do he’s moving to out there to hang out with Henry.
    Where’s the love?

  6. Holy crap that sounds like fun. I would die after a couple of hours. I featured you on my blog today as part of the blog bash

    • It’s super intense and frustrating but so worth it in the end! It only took almost a year for me and my friend Alisha to be able to look back fondly upon all the horrible, bitchy outburts I had last year, lol!

      You are so rad for featuring me!

  7. I think thats awesome girl!! I would love to help but I cant but you know Ill be a freakin whoreleader for you!

  8. Oh pleaaseee I want to visit this yearrrrrr!

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