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After I posted about that relay calling service during Blogathon, I became determined to find a way to use it again. Especially since I had three prank calls to make in order to fulfill my donor obligations. Using a relay service to make pranks is the ultimate because you get to keep a transcript (which would be good to have as proof for my sponsors), and it’s extra hilarious having an unsuspecting operator do your dirty work.

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(Plus, it’s even more asshole-y.)

It’s law now that all those services make you register first. So I’m now Manuel Roberts from Maryland.

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I figure, I’ll use it every day to make normal calls to Henry, like “Please bring home the milk,” so that I can still slip in a few prank calls here and there without arousing suspicion.

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I am that dedicated that I’m willing to make this a part of my daily routine. I even downloaded an app for my iPhone.

Yesterday, I had Manuel call Henry to alert him that Circa Survive is playing in Cleveland next November and that he should take his daughter, Erin. (Because why would a deaf person want Henry to go to a concert with them, I figured.) Henry, who is not annoyed by this AT ALL, couldn’t even understand what the foreign operator was telling him, but figured he wasn’t missing much.

Then I decided that Manuel and Henry are life-partners! So I make sure to end all conversations with “OK I love you.”

AnywayS (Alisha likes the extra “s”), I started out with Paul’s request to prank his friend/my e-friend Amelia. Please excuse the typos; it’s a very fast-moving process and I accidentally had it on the setting that automatically enters the text while you’re typing, which is annoying. Paul wanted me to take it as far as I was comfortable with, in order to make Amelia concerned. Usually, messages saying you’re in the hospital work pretty well. Especially when you’re unsure of who it is exactly that is in the hospital.

This was supposed to be a two-parter. I was going to call her the next day and pretend to be the “lady with the knife.” But then she saw my Blogathon post and busted me. It went something (exactly) like this:





Manuel left a testimonial on the relay site last night:

I just found out about this magic service last week. It is great especially since my TTY contraption was stolen on Christmas Day.

In other Blogathon news (trying to tie up loose ends here), I will be contacting those of you who are owed a pendant/painting (your choice – if you choose painting it will be 5×7) and an interview here on my blog (which will be fun I promise!), or if you would rather guest post, that could be fun too. I want to thank those of you who swung by to check it out. My stats, which are usually around 200, skyrocketed to 1, 171 on Saturday and nearly 900 on Sunday. It’s never been like that. Ever. You guys rule.

  6 Responses to “Prank #1”

  1. I was out of town while Blogathon was going on but the day I came back I went to post#1 and read them all straight through. Excellent!!!! I love Henry doing the percolator. Does he have an accent? And I agree, he is a very good dancer, I am glad he didn’t break a hip or anything.Something funny is going on here on your site, Everything is all gray and above the text box it is offering to let me leave a voice comment. I will have to figure that out if it’s still here next time I am here. :) :) :) see all those smiles? ‘Cause your blog makes me happy!

    • Thank you, Misty! This made me smile. I’m glad you had a chance to read it all. I still haven’t gone back to look at it yet. I can only imagine what it’s like because I was pretty deranged from around 8pm-5am.

      To me, Henry doesn’t have an accent, but since you’re on the west coast, we probably would sound weird to you. Even though neither of us speak with a typical Pittsburghese accent (thank god, because that shit is grating), I’ve been told I talk “weird.” So Henry probably sounds weird too!

      Yeah, Henry gave me a new layout. My old one was so obsolete that one by one, all the plug-ins were just not working anymore. That’s why email notifications stopped lat summer – the service wasn’t compatible with my blog anymore. This one still needs some tweaking. The header is too large, etc etc. But I like it better so far! I can actually size my photos the way they’re meant to be viewed!

      We just need to find a way to make it compatible with all browsers though, because apparently right now it’s not.

    • OH! And now the comment threading won’t be all stupid, like before.

  2. BAH haha, that’s great

  3. OMG I used to use sprint IP relay to make dirty prank calls all the time, before they made you sign up for it. AH man they HAD to say whatever you typed- skies the limit. Too amazing! Sometimes I’d do it to someone in the same room with me and i’d be frantically typing and trying to stifle my laughter while I watched their confusion. Those were good times…

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