Jan 062011

Sorry, Googlers – I don’t actually have any photographical evidence of Jonny Craig’s genitalia here at Oh Honestly, Erin, but thanks for keeping what I wrote about him last year the most-viewed post on my blog! Over 80 views just in the last 24-hours  (1,167 all-time), which is a lot when you’re as unpopular in the blogosphere as I am.

And of course there’s got to be a “flopping boobs” up in there, too, for good measure.

  8 Responses to “Jonny Craig’s Dick/Cock/Penis?”

  1. I love this. Wtf would possess someone to Google “flopping boobs”?

  2. I love being able to find this kind of thing out. It’s how I got the name “unicorn pee” for my eyeshadow!

  3. Oh…. my god. I have no words. I am laughing too hard…

  4. This. Is. Fantastic.

  5. there’s actually a picture on twitter of his dick… here’s the link :http://t.co/UNodHga5Fv (note: if the link doesn’t work then email me at the address above & ill email it to you)

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