Jul 172011

This was supposed to be an ongoing series, but it’s taken me a whole year to make the second one. Sounds about right.

Hey, in other news, those of you who requested a People of Brookline postcard might actually get one soon! Henry is off all week so he can do fatherly things with the kid during the day and maybe I might actually get a chance to do something, anything.

  8 Responses to “Goofus & Gallant, OhHonestlyErin-Style #2”

  1. This is hi-larry-us! More drawrings, please! :-D

  2. My boyfriend does that shit too and it pisses me off. It’s like “dude, are you that retarded that you don’t know that milk spoils and smells like shit?”, oh you are huh? ok.

    • WTF is wrong them!? I mean, has no one told Henry in all of his 46 years that leaving milk out in the SUMMERTIME is bad news? God, and he talks about ME being an idiot. OK, so I vaccuumed the refrigerator ONE TIME! Jesus.

  3. Are you going to make a People of Brookline postcard of the crazy baker too? That really would be a slice of schizophrenia!

  4. OMG! I love this all too much. Tyrone leaves a heaping pile of decomposed shit next to his side of the bed often. I’ve stopped cleaning it up for him so you can image what our bedroom smells like (it’s not sex, that’s for sure.)

    • It’s always, “Poor Henry.” That’s what people always say, in real life, on here, on Facebook. But I just need everyone to know that sometimes it’s “Poor Erin!” too.

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