Aug 222008


After spending all morning plucking rotten apples from the orchard, Eduardo, Ski and Pig were finally on their way to the beach. Mother had packed them a lunch and Father had given them a few bucks to spend at the concession stand on the boardwalk.

“Don’t spend all your money on bubblegum,” Father warned Pig, who had a compulsion for hoarding used wads of the chewy confection in the most inappropriate places. Eduardo, fumbling around in the backseat of the car, once mistook a discarded lump of bubblegum for a condom and now he and Tracy Snorklebutton have a two-year-old son out of wedlock.

At the beach, Eduardo and Ski spent their money wisely, stocking up on fizzy water and lottery tickets, while Pig naturally blew his cash on an edible mucilage mother lode.

He stowed his cavity-causing cluster inside the beach bag he shared with his brothers, and re-joined them in the surf.

After awhile, the beach bag became a makeshift oven beneath the blistering belts of the sun. The bubblegum began to boil and the fizzy water effervesced the caps right off the bottles. Together, the gum and water coagulated into a sweet, yet pissed off, volcano. The eruption was so great that no one was able to escape the taffy tendrils propelling through the air.
Original painting on a thick 12×12 gallery wrapped canvas.

  3 Responses to “Art Promo – Bubblegum Bonanza”

  1. So, I say this every time you post about your paintings, but this is my new favorite!!!!

  2. i love the background and the story.

    you’re so creative.

  3. Brilliant!

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