Sep 182008

It only takes someone a few seconds of being in my house for the first time to realize, “Hey, she must like the Cure. Like, REALLY like the Cure.” There is honestly at least one picture of Robert Smith on every wall downstairs.

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Although Robert still rules over most of my heart — and walls — there have been some new men who have managed to plunge their flags into unclaimed acreage.

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 So, a few weeks ago, I asked my e-friend Francesco of DiPoe to whip me up a custom portrait of Craig Owens from Chiodos.

When he showed me the mockup, I splooged a little. I ran around in a little circle, squealing a little. I tugged on Henry’s arm a little. But it didn’t prepare me for yesterday, when the actual painting arrived, safely packaged, on my front porch. I opened it with trembling hands (which was scary since I’m not very skilled with a box cutter when my hands are STEADY) and proceeded to pant and scream and repeat, “OMFG” until Henry was all, “OK, I get it. I got it. You like it. Yay.”

Craig is already at home on my wall, and I think Robert is a little swoll, but come on – a girl’s gotta have her flings.

  6 Responses to “DiPoe FTW!”

  1. HOLY SHIT. That looks just like him!! What amazing work by Dipoe!

  2. I know Ryan likes Blondie because he has bedsore scars that resemble Debbie Harry. AND IT TURNS ME RIGHT THE FUCK ON OH YES.

    I’m so glad you like it! really! :D
    and thanks for the plug haha, that is ALWAYS appreciated

    Would it be cool if I could DiPoe-ify a picture of chooch? I have this idea of putting him on like a vintage laundry detergent type box.

    I just need filler material for my blog. If you’re not comfortable with that, no worries.

    • I would be completely OK with that! There are tons of photos you can choose from on my Flickr. It’d be really cool to see what you come up with!

      I’m actually going to see Chiodos next week and I want to show Craig a picture of your painting. I’m afraid he’d think I’m a crazy ass stalker, but I know he’d think the painting is amazing.

  3. This is exceptional! I really like it. You should show Craig!

  4. FUCKING AMAZING!!!@!@#!@#@!@#!@#!@!@#!@#@

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