Oct 012008

I made one of these for my friend and it was so much fun that I couldn’t stop, so I’ve been doing customized ones. Sweetest Day is coming up, ya’ll! Mention my dumb blog and get $5 off! I AM SO LOVING.

More info here.

  11 Responses to “cupcake couples”

  1. these are so adorable! i hope it’s the new trend. you know like beanie babies and precious moments. cupcake couples FTW!!!!!!

    once you get past the moats, chain mail, barbed wire fences, and fire pits…

    you are actually pretty loving. certainly lovABLE.

  2. Holy cow, those are the cutest things ever.
    There’s a little cupcake in your soul, aww.

    Also probably some cupcake in your soil, which is what I accidentally wrote first.


  3. Amazing! I love the concept and the piece.

  4. What a kickass idea! Who was this one for?

  5. Ours is already hanging on the wall!

    You should be pleased to know that all 3 paintings hanging in our living room, and both paintings in our bedroom are by you!

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