Aug 212012


Today I had big plans to spin a yarn for the younguns about how my friend Seri and I prayed and ate with the Hare Krishnas on Sunday (which of course really means we stumbled around their compound like doe-eyed idiots, ripe for converting, eating stuff we couldn’t pronounce), but then I was fed cake and champagne at work and have been in a goddamn coma ever since. I wasn’t too bad until A-Ron gave me his cup of champagne, too. I should have quit while I was ahead.

So now I’m not going to do anything but eat my wasabi almonds and make more plans for the upcoming department Halloween desk decorating contest.

Oh, and work. I will do all of the work, too. But maybe I’ll just close my eyes first. Just….for a little….while.

  3 Responses to “Blog Sabotage”

  1. Lol! When you do write that blog, make sure you put something in about that ridiculously huge swan in the gazebo. I can’t wait to read about that part:)

  2. They gave you cake and champagne?! At work!? Utah is so lame.

    • They do it when someone in the dept is getting married, and I think it happened also when my friend Nina graduated college. However, I used to work 4-9pm so you KNOW by the time I’d get there, those lushes would have every bottle bone dry. This was the first time I got to partake, now that I’m full time!

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