Aug 312012

Me, calling Henry at work for the 8th time in an hour: “Henry! I have really horrible news!”

Henry, snapping to attention because I’m really good at wrapping my words with panic: “What??”

Me, choking a little bit: “It’s so horrible, I’m not sure I can even say the words.”

Henry, voice all tense and mildly agitated: “I swear to god, if this is music-related….”


Henry, sighing: “Goodbye, Erin. I have things to do.”

Totally wearing black to work today.

  3 Responses to “Twitter: Bearer of Bad News”

  1. I’m so sorry. But rest assured, it won’t last. Rockstar marriages never do.

  2. I cannot stop laughing!! If this were Jeff Waters, I would IMMEDIATELY be on the phone to someone!!!

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