Sep 022012

Currently en route to the flea market, listening to the Weeknd, having a mild “Summer’s almost over!” panic attack. Haven’t had the mental energy to write in here the last few days. Nothing major, just trying to enjoy the last of these days before it’s time to pull out the hoodies. (Not that I mind hoodie weather!) So here are some photos from the past week.


Chooch bought me flowers for no good reason (which ends up being the best reason); I decided they’d look best in a vase filled with tops.


As much as I adore autumn afternoons in the cemetery, I’m going to miss how lush it looks in the summer. God, I love the cemetery. I jogged to the Wonder Years there yesterday and even though it was humid as shit, I smiled the whole time. It even smelled like magic.


Chooch has been illustrating a zombie book. This page features a zombie volcano, but don’t get it twisted—that’s blood, not lava.


And lastly, I had this ring made for me and it is the best thumb ornament of all time. So pleased with it.

If it doesn’t rain tonight, we are going to the Rib Fest with my friend Lisa and her husband Matt, where we will act like assholes to .38 Special. I hope it happens because I could really use a little throwback right about now.

Hope you’re all enjoying your Labor Day weekend!

  2 Responses to “Brain Dead Photo Dump”

  1. I would happily trade you an almost-endless Summer for an earlier intro into October country! I could live in Autumn forever, but somehow got stuck living in a place where it’s hot 11 months out of the year :(

    That ring is too freaking awesome! Where was it made?

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