Nov 302007

My Romanian travel brochure arrived today and has pinned my interest right up against a tree trunk like a frat boy fresh from a kegger.

Suspiciously, there has been little mention of the local cuisine so I wiki’d it last night and I’m happy to report that I’ll be losing a lot of weight during my sojourn, which is great because I’ve been looking into stocking my closet with some of those hot goat milking dresses the broads wear in the field.

Also, families sacrifice pigs for Christmas, so if you’re into that you should think about calling your travel agent on the ASAP.

  8 Responses to “Placenta pie”

  1. A memo to myself: I’d consider eating the placenta pie if and only if it was coated in a hearty helping of whipped cream.

  2. Do they have whipped cream in Romania or are you going to have to get creative with whatever ethnic froth they have?
    Could be highly appetizing.


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