Nov 192008


Yes, you read it right. I’m actually in a GOOD MOOD, despite the fact that I suffered a near-lethal paper cut last night at work and that my son turned his bedroom into a blue Sharpie art exhibit today. This offer is good until the day after Thanksgiving, but not valid on non compos card line. Can be used in either my Somnambulant shop or Appledale shop — look at me, practically hemorrhaging generosity. In the “note to seller” portion, just mention my blog and I will adjust the price for you.

Also, I’m doing this new thang over at Somnambulant. With every purchase of art (not card or photos), I’ve been tucking inside a CD of some of the songs that have inspired my paintings. Kind of like a soundtrack. I don’t know how well received it will be, but it seemed like a fucking rad idea when I thought of it while changing the litter box.



  9 Responses to “Buy some shit for Xmas”

  1. Giving out mix cds is a great idea. It would make the art seem more personal, I think. You should definitely do it.

    • Thank you. I just feel that music plays such an important part in my art and I would love to promote those bands in some way. The CD has 19 songs on it, all by different bands, most are non-mainstream. I hope people like it!

  2. One of these days! I hate not having cash.

  3. as awesome as your mixed cds are—
    this really is great deal!

    i like your ideas.

  4. I just ordered something and forgot to mention your shitty blog… d’oh….

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