Dec 052008

I was comissioned on Etsy to make a Charles Manson Christmas card, which I had been wanting to do since I started this line two years ago. There is almost too much to choose from with that case, though, and I kept putting it off.

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Still, I accepted this girl’s request, and had three weeks to come up with something. The deadline was today. I didn’t even start it until today, but that’s good because pressure always works as a good swift kick to my ass.

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So now I’m proud to introduce good ol’ Charlie into my line of dumb cards.

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“Call up the Family from the Haight

Set a plate for Sharon Tate

Bring out the China and fancy napkins

And pour some egg nog for Susan Atkins.


Drape some flowers from the tree

And put out a tray of LSD

Slaughter the best pig from Spahn Ranch

(Hope the blood doesn’t make you blanch.)


I don’t want a belt or a sweater to make me swelter

All I want from Santa is Helter Skelter

So please, don’t think of me as a sinner

When I bring Charles Manson to Christmas dinner.”

  8 Responses to “Fucking Finally: Charles Manson”

  1. Do you sell anywhere besides Etsy? Like, if I don’t have an Etsy account, can I still order stuff from you?

  2. OMG that’s gold! I just read it for Peanut and he said “read it again!” and so I did, and he read it with me. How cute is that?

    If you have any more, I’d like to purchase a couple…

  3. i love this one. i think it might be my new favorite from your collection…

    i particularly like:
    “I don’t want a belt or a sweater to make me swelter
    All I want from Santa is Helter Skelter”

    you PwN.

  4. Hehe. Great card! You did a good job with it! Even with all that content you had to pick from and all. Might be one of my favs!

  5. I know what you have been saying about me i do not think it is funny i am coming to get you i must have vengeance

  6. Fucking brilliant, as always.

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