Jan 172009


Through Etsy, I’ve done several custom orders: Virgin Mary birthday cards; Charles Manson Christmas card; several cupcake couples; and even a sushi couple at the request of my friend Lauren, who is now engaged and I attribute it solely to the fact that once her boyfriend saw the two of them in sushi form, he knew he could never find another girl who looked so good with a face made of raw fish. You’re welcome, my friend.

But recently I got a request from a local girl to make a larger version of one of my miniature monsters, and she just happened to pick my favorite one, too: Cletus. I had a lot of fun with this one, and in the process I got to know the buyer, Dyanna,  via Flickr and Etsy conversations, so I feel like I made a new friend. I got to meet her briefly last night when I brought Cletus to his new home after work, and though I was half-dead from a night of being teased* mercilessly by my boss and a fleet of drivers while attempting to unscramble stacks of bills of lading that made dittos completed by a classroom of first grader left-handed crack babies seem legible, Dyanna was warm and friendly. It was the first time I got to see someone’s reaction to my painting, and I have to say it was worth braving the 1 degree weather to get Cletus there.

Plus, I got to see Dyanna’s new shoes that have mini skateboards attached to the soles, which I might have otherwise never known existed. I’m glad Cletus went to a good home.

Now I won’t have to send over a social worker.

Etsy: Helping Social Retards Like Erin R. Kelly Make New Friends.

*Seriously, no I’m not going to do the Hangin’ Tough dance nor will I ever sing Mmm Bop. I told my boss I’d probably need a bottle of wine and definitely a raise.

“We are going to give you a raise,” he said, and my pulse quickened. “We’re going to raise you up on some pallets, so you’ll have a stage. Go ‘head. Dance.”


I’m glad it was apparently such a laid back night for the guys while I spent most of my night with my face in my palms thanks to a computer that kept freezing and a myriad of billing anomalies. Fuckers.

  19 Responses to “Cletus’s Growth Spurt”

  1. Cletus was my favorite! Did you sell the original mini too? I was looking for him the other day:(

  2. Oh my gosh, this painting is officially my favorite of yours ever. This is the sweetest one ever. I love him!!

  3. i love that painting. both large and small.


  4. YAY!! It was totally the sushi painting!!! <3

    Laurenski´s last blog post..Turquoise Yellow Green Swirly Fused Glass Sushi Dish Set

  5. ERIN
    we’re having a contest over at our blog:

    tell everyone!!!

    (we totally jacked your idea. I would apologize except… it’s a really good idea)

  6. He’s so happy and cute. I can see why someone would want a bigger version of Cletus.

    By the way, I love your new birdie header. =D

  7. Haha, I’m late to the comment party on the post about me?! Crap. Good job, me.

    Cletus is so so fantastic. He’s seriously so awesome. And when I tell people that he was painted for me by a rad chick I happened across on the internet, they’re all, “WTFBBQ? Why haven’t I heard of this internets thing?!”

    I have to edit your little tagline though, “Etsy: Helping Social Retards make friends with other Social Retards.” :D

    So when do we hangs?

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