Dec 162007

Coachella 2004, approx. 113 degrees

“I don’t get it: We’re on stilts, wearing garish lamé parachute pants, and have capped our domes with ridiculous gift boxes from outer space and people STILL aren’t looking,” complained one part of the stilts trio in the midst of drunken indie fucks and ironic hipsters at Coachella.

“Maybe show your tits,” said the passing man.

But they, unfortunately, did not.

  11 Responses to “Random Picture Sunday”

  1. Hehe. This little post is perfect. It’s a nice Sunday night chuckle.

  2. stilts freak me the hell out for some reason.

    i will have nightmares now.

    also, those are the fugliest outfits known to man.

    that is all.

  3. Looks like another rigged America’s Next Top Model photo shoot.

  4. next sunday— let’s see tits. just an idea.

    and they don’t even have to be yours.

    you know how to REALLY stand out at a show? … a HUGE sparkly band branded amulet. that’s how.

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