Feb 122009


The day Cletus was kicked out of his home, he only
had a sack of lint, a dulcimer, and his signature big
floppy grin to his name.

Cletus soon found out that was enough.

Using the sack of lint as a pillow, he sprawled out
on a park bench. Plucking lethargically at his half-
busted dulcimer, he noticed that he had attracted an
audience. A blue jay perched quizzically on the
telephone wires above him.

“What song is that?” the bird chirped.

“I don’t know, just something I made up,” Cletus
answered through the corners of his sprawling smile.

“Are you available for bar mitzvahs?” the bird
asked with a cocked head.

And that is how Cletus found himself providing music
for a roomful of undulating yarmulkes while keeping
himself from living as a hobo under a bridge.


Out of everything I’ve ever painted, Cletus makes me most happy, so I recreated him on an 8×8 canvas. Hello, I want to smile and pass out gumdrops to orphans every time I look at him. That is so not characteristic of me.

  10 Responses to “Art Promo: Cletus (I’m obsessed with him I think)”

  1. I love Cletus. Everyone needs a Cletus! I’VE GOT MINE!

  2. I love Zoe and Zed. Cletus is cute too.

  3. You are not the only one in love with Cletus. We must start a Cletus Fan Club, because I would totally be on that shit. I adore this one, and I still want Cletus hanging on my living room wall. I just need some cash. Do you think if I reason with the bank teller they’d let me have some money?

  4. I SOOOOOO love that painting. It has my favorite colors in it, squeeeeee! I also suck at reading your blog lately. Yeah, I reallllllly suck. I’m sorry.

    I hope that you had a great V-Day.

    P.S. Don’t make the next game night on 3/21, as I already have plans that night! Haha.

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