May 292014

I’ve been moderately sick all week. Allergies? Cold? Sinus infection? I can never tell & I’m straight stupid when it comes to taking medicine.

I wasn’t feeling particularly worse today than the other days, but I was definitely pretty sluggish. I was making some mistakes too which we all know is highly unusual for me. (Lol.) Also, my head felt…full…and everything sounded amplified to me. So when my office neighbor was eating some type of chips, it honestly sounded like he was lunching on glass. I had to walk away.

I asked my supervisor if I could just work through my break and leave a little early tonight.

She said that was fine and then she looked at me, like really looked at me, and cried, “Oh wow, you look awful! You are sick! Go home now!” And then she sent out an email to the department saying I was leaving early because I was sick so then other people, people I had spoken to multiple times already today, were like “OMG YOU DO LOOK SICK!”

And I’m like, thanks guys because I wasn’t even feeling THAT SICK and I didn’t think I looked that terrible?

So I left work at 5:30 (normal time for everyone else, but early for people resigned to working late shift for the rest of their lives) and felt totally weird about it because…I wasn’t that sick!

Except now it’s 9pm and you know what? I’M SICK. :(

I only meant to write 4 sentences tops explaining my current state but look at what happened. Anyway, the whole point is that I tried to get Henry to guest blog about the show in Allentown but he’s being a bitchkebob about it so here are two pictures of Marcy instead. (But raise your hand if you want a Henry Guest Post!)



  10 Responses to “A Pointless Post About My Current State”

  1. I love your cat!! She’s so freaking cute!! Feel better!!! It was nice riding down in the elevator with you today!!

    • She’s such a brat though! Lately, she’s been really into walking over top of my coffee cup no matter where I put it! I know she does that shit on purpose too.

  2. You know it. Henry Guest Post, anytime.

  3. Hand raised!

  4. I think it would be awesome (and hysterical) to read a Henry post!! Make him do it!!!


  6. *hand raised* C’mon Henry. Stop being a bitchkebob.

    I had to go home sick last week, too. No fun.

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