Dec 242007

I was looking for something in the murky archives of my LiveJournal, when I came across a post about finding my high school year book and I laughed because 10+ years later, this is still relevant.

 This has been said to me a lot lately, for some odd reason.

Pretend like this is my year book — leave a comment. It’ll be fun. Maybe.

  20 Responses to “yearbook fun”

  1. Erin,
    We never spend any time together, but you seem cool. Too bad we didn’t get to know each other better. Stay weird, or they’ll get you.

    I’ve been so down in the mouth lately, that when I bend over to tie my shoes, there are two tongues.

    TTYL. Helga (Dolly).

  2. Erin,
    OMG! It’s the end of the year and I can’t even believe it!(Can you!?) There’s NO way I could have gotten through it without you. I know we’ve had our fights, but real friendships always do. No matter what, you were always there to make me laugh instead of kill myself, and I appreciate that. You are the best friend EVAR!
    I love reading all of your writing and I hope that you never give it up! There will always be haters in the world, but F’em. Hard. From Behind. And without consent.
    Your paintings are really awesome, too… and you’re in for a problem trying to figure out which to do. If it was up to me- I’d say do them both. You ROCK!!!!!
    I’ll always remember: blogathon, drunken frisbee, warped tour, r’s messed up monsters, pumpkin soup, the NEW neighbor, h’s socks (still), upside down boy, my ugly cupcakes,the little knife you almost stabbed me with, the big knife you almost stabbed me with, bueno mexicana, the ketchup story, the hogan breakup, CHIODOS, and of course camp.
    I know we’ll keep in touch. We better! I love you!
    BFF!!!!! BESTIES!!!!


    • OMG I’m dying.

      I don’t know upside down boy and r’s messed up monsters though!!

    • OH! The balloon monsters! I get it now. But upside down boy?

    • Also: consent is for pussies.

    • so as a lesbian-
      does that mean i always need consent?

      because if so- THAT SUCKS!

    • Oh you lesbians. Always making it about yourselves.

    • oh yeah…
      well janna was lesbian at camp!

    • dont forget when we used to <33333 open:hand and orange island!

    • i want to play extreme frisbee this weekend but it would just be the two of us = lame.

    • dude! there’s so many, that list was just THIS year!!

      fftl, that girl and her pizza, meanor’s headstone, lawrence <3, ties with dots, my long haired neighbor, AFS, h's screwed up memorial day card, up with satan, the death tree, peanut butter and rain, rolaid chews, sauce, our band: SYS, wearing skin as suits, johnny vs. hot neighbor chris, paying for a haunted house with quarters, fucking gay ass gerard way, fucking gay ass jared leto, 70 and 71, the #4, good like cherry coke, jungle jim's and vegetable stock, the used, our haunted house laughs, chris jericho!, my amulet, haunted house bob, teresa strasser, greyhounds, camels, cats, littering cops, getting lost in a cemetery, days of our lives, driving h crazy at the incline, trying to find haunted houses, anthony green, hamburger hill, my poor grammar and your corrections, DON'T LOOK (bfd), c and h fighting at pki, cds and propel, home videos, the lemon ice chocolate mint trade, scaring you with preaching, our rap skillz, retarTS, one of those poems i do, that really weird closet/bathroom at that gas station, your first visit to kentucky (nice parking garage), and of course... your beautiful tutu.

      i could think of even more- but it's christmas so i gotta' go. but, not bad for a pot head. :)

    • AMS and cats? Is that just because we both have cats?


    • OMG.

      i forgot to mention the finger reception!!!!

  3. Erin!

    study real hard
    don’t be a flop
    one of these days
    you’ll reach the top!*



    (*stolen from my actual highschool yearbook. i studied…where the hell is the top?!? am i there yet? heellooooo?!?!?!)

  4. Cornhole Flambastic –
    What’s the deal with cornnuts; are they corn or are they nuts? Mr. Miles and his fuckwad “Raise your hand if you aren’t here” question he asked for the 402th time was the last straw. Fuck this place, I’ve got the kerosene and I hope you brought the matches.
    Also, Jose said you have nice thighs. AND… AHH I’M AN ALIEN!
    <3- Stalanolisis Macron Labia

    As you can tell, my yearbook entries were always extremely cryptic and full of inside jokes — real or not.

  5. it’s been real.
    real gay.
    KIT homegirl.
    and don’t forget,
    when the speeding melon hits the wall…
    it’s christmas for the crows.

    (this is probably what i would actually write, because i suck with stuff like this.)

  6. OMG EK! Let’s be BFF 4EVA! WTF LOL (etc.)

    I’m really into abbrevs lately. Obvs.
    Seriously though, keep in touch, kid. You owe me a letter, I do believe.

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