Jan 072008


Brenda and Jason have this plaguing disease that propels them into affection’s arms at least every 7.3 seconds. Some people might think this is adorable, but the other 90% of the planet’s population is more apt to be all, “Yo, get a room you grossballs.” Maybe some pebble-pelting would be involved, too.

This is good for people who like to inhale their partner in public, or those who don’t, or those who like the color mauve on a dark green background.

6×8 comic-wrapped canvas board.

More info here.

  7 Responses to “Today I’m promoting this:”

  1. You know, I’m thinking about getting Louder Now off of you sometime. It would bring my desk to life :) I don’t think it would scare away the vultures though :(.

  2. this one is so sweet. that it’s sick.

  3. Aw. =) I like these guys. This one *is* very sweet.

  4. I like that one!!!

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