Jan 092008

Dear world,

This is my first post from my new seat. I made it here safely and unpacked without any injury to report. I am slightly frightened by the giant party of electrical wires to my left.

My new garbage can is bigger and is fitted with a proper-sized bag, unlike my old one which had a very taut bag that wasn’t inviting for any trash I may have had. (I’d toss in an empty bottle and it would sometimes spring back out.)

And there’s no divider, so Collin can spy on me with ease. (And he has been!) I remedied this by sliding over my photo board thing. You can’t spy on a spy!

He and Bob talk about dumb stuff. Like jeep colors.

The two Judases made butter rum coffee but apparently those of us who break down in the middle of the street aren’t invited to join their coffee club. So I just went ahead and stole a cup.

Eleanore (Judas#1) sits behind me now. In our old area, we didn’t have plastic mats under our seats. Now we do and Eleanore is taking advantage by methodically tapping her foot and I kind of want to scalp her.

I have fewer drawers, no coat hook, cream colored cabinets and drawers which do not complement my aura of mystique, it’s louder and colder over here, and I’m sure I’ll rack up a few more pages of complaints by the end of the week.

  5 Responses to “I’ve Arrived Safely”

  1. man! what a shitty seat.

    especially the collin part. ew. cooties!
    i’ll cast one of my religious spells for you.

  2. Yeah, I started bringing a blanket in sitting over there because when it gets cold sometimes the draft from the dock can travel in. Also, beware that if people are bumping up against the mail holder thing on the other side, shit will move that is up against the back of the cube.

  3. ‘the two Judases’


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