Jan 092008


I had to fashion my own privacy wall. It’ll do for now, but I’m thinking I’ll have to bring in some duct tape, peanut butter and a sheet of drywall in order to MacGyver something proper-like; something that would make Walter Ulbricht proud.

It’s really boring over here. Collin’s hobby is “looking at cars,” and that’s all he does here. I was hoping he’d be into something less vanilla, like perhaps handling snapping turtles or wearing studded leather masks while eating buttered popcorn jelly beans.

I thought for sure I’d move over here and be awash in talk of strippers and the Cuban mafia and Lithuanian knife-fighting.

Not so much. I get to hear about custom paint jobs. And horsepower and torque, which would be awesome if it had anything to do with sex.

I might turn this site into an 8-hour Collin/Bob watch, because they’re just that interesting. I’ll be back later, perhaps to report on Bob’s refilled coffee mug.

  6 Responses to “iron curtain of privacy”

  1. Wow. What a masculine area you’ve moved to!

  2. beep…beep… beep.


    no, not the picture of chooch- your pal collin.

    • That’s how people know they’re “in” — when I write about them openly. You know you would probably freak if I ever stopped talking shit on you!

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