Jul 162009

Motherfuck, you guys! I kept checking the Blogathon website to see if it was going to happen this year and there was no info. Nothing. So I gave up. Then an hour ago I was inspired to check once more and oh HELLO it’s happening alright, happening NEXT SATURDAY.

I really want to do it again. I did it in 2006 and 2007 and while it was supremely nerve-wracking and just – WOW -, it was also mildly entertaining and rewarding. So I have one week to get sponsors. Because of the time restraint, I won’t be able to really come up with new creative incentives, so I’ve combined the ones I’ve done in the past.

$10 allows you to give me a word, any word, and I have to use it in a post.

$15 and you can have me take a photo of Henry doing stuff. (He’ll probably flat out refuse anything pornographic, just a heads up on that, ya’ll.)

$20 gives you all of the previously mentioned (wow, what a deal) and a 5×7 original painting on canvas board by my own hand.

$25 and you can dump an mp3 CD in this treasure trove of incentives

$30 and I will sing and record a song of your choice, which I will post on my journal, providing you a soundtrack for when you throw my painting in the trash

The charity I’ve chosen is my beloved To Write Love On Her Arms. Full proceeds to go to them. I get nothing but sleep deprivation, a slightly snapped psyche, and the satisfaction of doin’ right, you guys.

Now, it goes like this. You sponsor me. Any amount you want. $5. A hundred $5s. If you can’t go the monetary route, you can support me by leaving encouraging/needling/smarmy comments on my blog.

Show up at my house with frozen yogurt, cocaine and dynamite.

Draw a picture of me ruling over the entire Internet with the body of a pregnant mermaid.

generic levaquin online www.suncoastseminars.com/assets/new/levaquin.html over the counter

And then, on Saturday July 25th, starting at goddamn 9am, I will start blogging. For twenty four grueling hours in an un-air conditioned house. One post, every THIRTY MINUTES. For those of you who failed math, that is a LOT of goddamn writing, and you better bet your bloody corn cob that those posts will be riddled with typos because look at the REGULAR ones I write. Shit.

To sponsor me, bless your heart, click on the banner below. Nothing is due until Blogathon is over, provided I follow through and get it done without screw ups. And even then, they give you a grace period to fulfill your pledge.


Pass it on, pass it on good and hard. If you see this more than once, my apologies, but some heavy-duty cross-posting is in order since I only have ONE WEEK.

Thank you for your time in this srs matter.

***Past Blogathons to prove that this is NO JOKE***:



(P.S. For those of you that subscribe to my blog, I’ll find a way to turn off notifications for that day so your inbox doesn’t get raped with Oh Honestly Erin emails.)

(P.P.S Henry said he’s leaving town.)

  22 Responses to “BLOGATHON 2009”

  1. Pledged! And for my song choice I choose “I just want to be your everything” by Andy Gibb. He was my first true love(so dreamy!) and probably my favorite disco era song to sing along to as loudly and badly as possible.
    Can you take a photo of Henry making couscous? Now thats HOT!

    • I.Love.You.

      I wish I really did live in CA so we can be Olson shade-wearin’ BFFs and sneer at the locals!

      • I was getting coffee before work yesterday and some crazy woman actually said “Oh my Goddess” to me. Damn I hate hippies

    • P.S. I have Andy Gibb’s Greatest Hits (I went through a really annoying phase a few years ago!) so singing that for you will be no problem. A problem for everyone else who has to hear it, though, haha!

  2. I’m really rather frightened that I agreed to stay with you all night that night….really.rather.frightened!

    • OMG it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN I promise! OK, that’s a lie. It will be maniacal.

      But oh, how the memories will last a lifetime.

    • You should be very scared.

      My advice is be ready to walk to eat n park to get food, bring candy, and dont let her take pictures of your ass crack unless you want a haiku written about it!

  3. hey erin. cute blog. thanks for stopping by mine. don’t you just love ally?! she’s the sweetest!! btw, this blogathon sounds pretty intense and extremely interesting! good luck!

    melita´s last blog post..gmat woes & plan b

  4. Duuuude….maybe Liz and I should drop in on that day for a bit (if you’re okay with it, that is). ;)

    • Sure! I have to warn you — I get super high-strung & it can be a little tough for me to partake in convos because of all the typing. But if you don’t mind that, stop on over! I’ll be here!

  5. I remembered to finally submit my stuff.

    Were still thinking of the word and a photo subject matter, but Chris said he wants you to sign Snow’s Informer.
    (I have seen him karaoke it before, it wasnt pretty!)

  6. Finally put in our pledge – $30 because I loves me some swag!

    Word: Crematory
    Photo: Henry making eyes at Neighbor Chris? Failing that, Henry mid-summersault will suffice. Are underpants pornographic?
    Song: Lady’s choice. Nothing comes immediately to mind. (I reserve the right to update this request if something AMAZING comes up.)

    Sorry I didn’t get this in earlier. Good luck and kick ass!

    • You guys are amazing, seriously. Thank you so much!!

      OK good, this time I will most likely be able to fulfill your song request! Last time, I couldn’t find it on any of the online karaoke sites I was using and I felt so guilty that I couldn’t do it!

  7. Who can pass up on another 5×7. Now my other one won’t seem so creepy sitting above my fire place next to my family pictures…

  8. Alrighty I logged in and did my stuff. I put Liz’s amount with mine if that’s okay. She’s still thinking of her stuff, but in the meantime, here’s mine.

    Word: scintillating (because it’s my favorite word EVER…hence the username!)

    Picture: The Hoovmeister doing bad ass air guitar. =D

    P.S. We’ll probably drop in sometime in the late afternoon.

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