Jan 152008

“My Chiodos hoodie is on backorder!” I whined after checking the order status.

“What’s that?” Bob asked, just to be an asshole.

“‘Chiodos’….that sounds like the name of a cereal,” Collin added, taking a break from writing in his diary about his fantasy picnic with Tatu and Peter Cetera.

“Honey frosted Chiodos,” Bob laughed.

I told him to shut up, but frankly, if that cereal was on the shelves, I’d buy it.

  6 Responses to “Chiodos hoodie update”

  1. actually- perhaps collin isn’t so bad after all.

    this cereal idea is GENIUS i tell you!!!

  2. When I think of Chiodo’s, I think of that bar that used to be in Homestead…that got replaced by a freakin’ Walgreens. Yep.

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