Jul 252009

I raise the roof. A lot. It’s kind of my thing. Or my THANG, if we’re keepin’ it real.

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Just a moment ago, I raised the roof to my own celebratory humming and then I followed it immediately with another roof-raise, brownie-ball-on-a-stick edition.

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So I decided to have a contest to see who can come close to guessing the exact amount of times I’ll raise the roof by the time Blogathon ends. Alisha is keeping tally on a piece of cardboard. I tried to give her paper, but she insisted on desecrating a good, clean, pure slat of cardboard. Poor guy.


(Alisha’s midsection not included, sorry.)

Oh goodie, look what you can win! The perfect complement to that collection of weird-toothed monsters you’ve been adorning your home crematory with since you were 12! It’s 5.5″ x 5.5″.

OK, go. I’ll link back to this periodically to give everyone an opportunity to guess.

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OMG ALISHA SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9 Responses to “#8 The Big Dumb Giveaway”

  1. I guess 31 times! Alisha, you need to give her proper reason to raise the roof EXACTLY 31 times. Daddy needs some new art.

  2. I say 18 times. Oh God, please make it 18 times!!!

    Thank you God.

  3. 29 times.

  4. 33. Yep.

  5. I say…51 times.

  6. 69! Hehe… And if it isn’t 69, can you just do a bunch more to make it 69, so that we can giggle at the sexual reference? I know you share my love of immature 7th-grade humor and I’d be thrilled to add another art piece to the growing Erin shrine.

  7. I’m going to say 23 because it’s my lucky number, even though I think it’s secretly my unlucky number because I never win anything when I use it. But yes, 23.

  8. I say 16

  9. I’m still praying to God it’s 18. And, Erin. I think I’m coming over to get my Fritz!!!

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