Jul 252009

I was just sitting on the porch and some old dude drove past me in a black Smart Car. And when I say “old,” I mean that he looks like he escaped from a nursing home. I mean that he is the precise image I get in my head when I try to picture Death.

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The only thing missing was the hood.

And as he drove past, I began to wonder, “Is this what Death drives while en route to claim the next person on his You Is Now Deceased list?

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Is his scyth in the trunk? Does a scyth even fit in a Smart Car?

I shuddered a little. Perhaps because it’s about to rain.

But now I kind of want to find a Smart Car and try to jam a scyth in the trunk.

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While Henry is bound and gagged in a tight ball like Jeffrey Dahmer’s sex toy.

And now I’m imagining Death skipping Henry – still bound and gagged – like a stone and playing hopscotch.

And now I’m imagining that this is only post #17. OH WAIT, THAT’S REAL. FUCK ME.

Where is my fucking food? Lucky Charms and sweet potato chips are not enough to keep my fingers tapping.

  2 Responses to “#17 Death and stuff”

  1. Time for me to search for some supper as well.

  2. I am just hippie enough to think Smart Cars are awesome.

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