Jul 252009


For Alyson: Henry begrudgingly plays hopscotch and acts like he knew nothing about how it was done. Then explain all the hopscotch porn I found in his drawer!

This was really hard for him to do without his cane.

  3 Responses to “#21 Henry Plays Hopscotch Like a Good, Pansy Bitch”

  1. From this angle – he kinda looks like he’d make some older gentleman a nice lady-boy.

  2. Henry looks happier in this picture than in almost any other one I’ve ever seen you post. He must really, and I mean *REALLY*, like hopscotch.

  3. YAY! Thank you, Erin & Henry! :o) This made my day so much better! Maybe that hopscotch grid should become a permanent fixture?

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